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Dimension takes advantage of today’s technological innovations to enhance brand exposure and create more engaging interactions with consumers.

Capture Attention & Inspire Audiences


Deliver that “WOW” Effect

Hypervsn Solo

Display 3D visuals up to 30in in size with our Solo device, holographic system displays images in 3D that appear to be floating in mid-air


Merge multiple Solo devices to create large-scale 3D content. Increase your audience impact and content reach with holographic displays of epic proportions.


Solutions for your Brand

Supermarket Network

  • 5-10k foot traffic per day
  • Target consumers @ POP
  • Ads will be seen repeatedly
  • Reach local community

Gas Stations Network

  • 50 + locations in metropolitan area
  • 1,000 + avg. foot traffic per day
  • 5-10 minute presence window span
  • Avg. person visits 5-8 times a month

Holographic Displays for Events

  • Boost foot traffic
  • Get the viral effect
  • Entertain & engage

3D Holographic Signage for Retail

  • Make a strong first impression and convert passers-by into your visitors by at least 35% more successfully using the WOW factor of holograms

Human-size 3D Display

  • Use a life-size 3D human holographic display to demonstrate products, provide information or showcase the latest trends.

3D Signage for Offices and Buildings

  • Create a dynamic and engaging communication experience for employees and impress visiting customers with next-level holographic signage that proved to be the most effective and engaging communication medium.

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Our cutting-edge technology enables users to display 3D holographic visuals of almost any size, instantly grabs attention and triggers real emotions within audiences. HYPERVSN guarantees an increase in foot traffic and a boost in sales. See for yourself. Put us to the test.

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